How to survive the Marketing challenges of 2023 

14th December 2022

As we begin 2023, it is impossible not to consider the marketing challenges that we may come up against. But with planning and preparation, it is possible to get ahead of those challenges. Current predictions suggest that 2023 is set to be a very interesting year for businesses and marketers alike. That’s why here at GottaBe! we have put together a list of tips and tricks to help guide you through the top 5 marketing challenges of 2023. 

Increased competition

Competition isn’t new within any industry, but as it grows, standing out from the crowd may seem impossible, especially for smaller businesses that may not have the resources or time. 

To understand your competition, you will need to understand your competitors at a deeper level. Carrying out a SWOT analysis will give you a better understanding of your competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Once you have this information, we suggest finding ways to fill the gaps your competitors are missing rather than copying their success. 

As long as you stick to your purpose, finding a way to stand will come naturally, as your brand’s offering will be unique – a secure way to fight off the competition. 

Generating leads 

19% of surveyed marketers admit they will struggle to generate leads in 2023. This is not because they struggle to build traffic; it is down to the mass amount of information available to consumers. Therefore, getting them to convert has become even more difficult as they look for the best deals. With so many options, content must stand out to entice consumers into the marketing funnel. 

To stay up to date with the new digital era, Marketers must be responsive to trends and updates. It is important to measure the success of your content and ensure it is effectively reaching your target audience; if it is not, then your brand should look at ways to make those changes. Ultimately making sure the content stays relevant and is what the target audience wants to see. 

As many users now use social media sites such as Instagram and TikTok as search engines, it is time to start familiarising yourself with these platforms, as they are the way to keep up with the next generation of consumers. Learning how to utilise these platforms will help your brand to widen its audience. 

Top tip – ensure your social media content has an SEO focus to extend your reach.  

What content should I create?

Trends can be an excellent opportunity for your brand to raise awareness, but as they change daily, it can be hard to keep up. The truth is that your brand doesn’t need to jump on every trend if they do not relate to your business. To create quality engagement, your content must reach the correct audience. And whilst your video, which sees you jumping on the latest trend, may go viral if it is not reaching the right audience, it may be redundant. 

Therefore, it is wise to keep an eye on the latest trends and create relevant content where possible which makes the most sense for your brand and audience. Remember – you can alter trends to align with your brand; you’ve just got to think outside the box.  

Hiring top talent

Marketing is a highly competitive industry, so standing out to your potential clients is one challenge, but standing out to potential employees can be even trickier. 

Hiring can be time-consuming and costly, but worth it for the correct candidates. However, have you ever considered that your hiring process is not as inclusive or equitable as you hoped? By recognising this, your brand can take the necessary steps to become more appealing to potential employees. 

Investing in talent will not only help your business grow but may also be an opportunity for your current employees to learn from someone new. After all, the power of a diverse team is recognisable to clients due to the differing experiences, opinions and cultures. Ways to improve the diversity within your hiring process would be to ensure your hiring team is as diverse as possible and to consider options such as blind screening. Unfortunately, unconscious biases exist, but it is our job to educate ourselves to eliminate the barriers faced by people from diverse backgrounds and ensure an equitable hiring process. 

There are also large pools of graduate talent who surpass the skills of their more experienced peers when it comes to content, trends and relatability (for a young audience base). Consider hiring staff with interchangeable skills that can be trained to specialise further within the field and ensure the time to allow for mentorship programmes. 

A combination of graduates and experienced team members could bring new life, enthusiasm and a fresh set of knowledge. This goes both ways, as knowledge is shared between generations. But, don’t rely on graduates alone; ensure there are experienced staff to support and guide them to create a well-balanced team.  

Be ready to pivot 

As trends change and technology moves quickly, it is vital to be agile and move with the times. As with any brand, it is common for the final product or service to change to adapt to the market. But it is essential to stay true to your brand purpose. To keep your audience engaged, your brand must understand what they want and how you can serve their needs. 

Whilst it is important to stick to the marketing plan set out at the beginning of the year, it is crucial to analyse the continual success of your marketing strategy and, if it is not aligning with your target audience or goals, find ways to pivot within the market. 

The world is changing at a rate that can be hard to determine, and what we do this year will most likely be different from the next. Working in an everchanging industry can be challenging for some, but with a good team and by being mindful of what is going on around you, your marketing team should be able to navigate through 2023. 

However, if you are unable to spare the resources to navigate through your marketing challenges, GottaBe! is on hand to get you back on track. Our marketing experts become an extension of your team and aim to be the solution to your challenges. 

Contact the team today for support and advice to ensure you reach your marketing goals in 2023!