How to inspire loyalty in the financial sector

24th April 2023

All brands should aim to gain loyalty from their customers as it allows them to build long-lasting connections with their consumers, who will then go on to share word-of-mouth referrals.

Here at GottaBe! we believe inspiring consumers with your product, service, or brand is essential to allow your brand to build deeper brand connections. There are many ways you can inspire your audience and let them get a taste of your brand before committing to purchase. 

How do I inspire loyalty?

In the era where consumers have anything they demand at a click of a button, continually increasing consumer loyalty is more important than ever as it will stop your customers from switching to the competition. Therefore, a digital presence is necessary for all brands looking to compete in the financial sector. However, there are many other ways to inspire loyalty within the financial sector: 

Reward loyalty 

One of the best ways to inspire loyalty is to reward it. Many loyal customers feel deflated when they are met with increasing bills and are not eligible for new customer sign-up deals. It is important to recognise those loyal customers and provide them with additional extras or support, which is better than the deal they would receive if they moved to the newest provider offering them X deal. 

Provide the solutions 

Within the financial sector, as consumers are not buying physical products, it is important for brands to offer solutions to the consumer’s financial needs in one place where possible. Offers such as cash back, loans, mortgages, saving pots, and interest are all in high demand. And if your brand can offer your loyal consumers the best deal on these, you can continue to grow the relationship and increase loyalty. 

Educate consumers

Education is an excellent opportunity for brands within the financial sector to gain trust and loyal consumers. In the financial industry especially, it is essential for brands to be trusted by their consumers as the risk of trusting a provider must be secure. 

One of the best ways to prove yourself as a trustworthy brand is to share your knowledge, as it allows consumers to see another side. Also, your brand can increase interest and conversions by educating an audience about new services. 

Speak to your audience directly

Whilst the finance industry has seen a rise in online demand over recent years, it is important for all brands to put a face to a name and be seen in person. Brand ambassadors can facilitate this by heading into the field and connecting with consumers whilst they go about their daily lives. 

Try before they buy

If your brand wants to gain the trust from new audiences and pursue them to make the change to your brand, then create simple and easy ways for them to test out your product before committing. This could be through trials on their own devices or set-ups delivered by brand ambassadors at festivals or events. 

If you want to inspire your consumers, then contact the GottaBe! team today. We have a range of solutions to your marketing challenges to help you reach your desired outcome.