How to increase customer loyalty?

9th July 2018

Following the ongoing success of events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it appears that many other well-known businesses would like to try their own mini versions in order to satisfy their customers. The first one to do this is Amazon, who created Prime Day; a summer version of Black Friday. This is when thousands of Amazon products are sold at a discount, and in 2017 it was the biggest day in the company’s history: busier than Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, and busier than any Prime Day before. 

The event begins at noon on Monday July 16th and run until midnight on Tuesday 17th! This was confirmed when TechRadar exclusively discovered a banner image hidden on Amazon’s site which notified site users. It will most likely see a reduction in the prices of Amazon branded items such as the Echo Dot and Echo Spot, cheaper Kindles, Fire TV Sticks and Fire Tablets. In addition to this, games consoles should also be on offer as last year, the new Nintendo Switch had some amazing offers on it. By doing this to only Prime customers, Amazon is keeping its customers happy by rewarding them with offers because they have been loyal by subscribing to the membership. In a world where there are so many brands, competing with one another to offer similar services, brand loyalty is extremely important.

The next extremely well-known brand that offers something gratifying to their customers is McDonalds, who started the McDelivery Day. This is where they offer free delivery on the McDelivery app for three days if they enter the promo code, ‘MCDELIVERY’. The Senior Director of Marketing and Digital of McDonalds, Agatha Yap, said, “The inaugural McDelivery Day is about thanking our valued customers for their support over the years, as well as celebrating connections made possible by McDelivery”. She believes that McDelivery is about connecting McDonalds’ customers with their families and friends, because they connect with other customers, family, and friends as who in turn can easily order iconic food anytime, anywhere. Both McDonalds and Amazon, are seriously able to capitalise by creating these special days for their customers because they have the money to offer a service to the public, that many others can’t. In addition to this, both Amazon and McDonald’s have been doing what they do for so long and they do it so well that consumers just stay use them.

Because these brands are doing this, it means extra dates for our diaries and more for us to think about and has given us the chance to think about what we can do to make our clients and employees not just remain loyal with us but how we can help them with constancy too. If you’re looking to increase customer loyalty then feel free to speak to us; +44 2380 634283, we have been helping brands of all sizes to connect with their customers for over 10 years now.

Story written by Shannon Dunne, Account Support Executive at GottaBe! Marketing