How to attract your audience in the financial services sector.

30th May 2023

There are many ways to attract audiences to your brand but attracting the right audience or a hard-to-reach one can be more complex, especially if you are unsure where to start. For many brands, a general marketing plan can help them stand out and reach audiences. However, when looking to expand that reach into new audiences, some things must be adjusted to effectively engage that audience further. 

Within this blog, we will discuss the importance of streamlining your brand’s marketing plan and share GottaBe!’s top tips for attracting the right audience.

Why do I need to streamline my marketing to target audiences?

For many brands, it is the product or service that must be seen to ensure that it is front-of-mind at the point of purchase. But within the financial sector, it is even more difficult to stand out due to a large number of competitors and therefore, product/ service alone isn’t always enough. 

To harness brand recall and purchase intention to ensure potential customers are drawn to your brand over the competition, it is your brand’s offerings which must stand out as the services are generally the same across the board, so the content you create must be valuable to the consumer. 

Remove purchase barriers, build trust, and simplify the decision-making process by ensuring your marketing is clear yet compelling and speaks directly to the consumer’s challenges. If your marketing materials are not tailored to your audience, then they will be missed, and you will not meet a return on investment. It is, therefore, essential to plan your content carefully before deciding the channels you wish to engage consumers through. 

How do I attract new audiences?

To attract new audiences, your brand must first be seen by the audience you wish to engage. To do this, you must understand the characteristics, needs, and behaviours of different groups and how they consume media, as this will allow you to target them throughout their journey. 

By utilising several above-the-line marketing channels such as influencer marketing, programmatic and media, your brand can create multiple touchpoints to engage the consumer and stay at the front of their mind. We know that increasing the frequency of touch points throughout your campaign and including clever retargeting techniques will lead to better brand recall which over time will push the consumer through the end of the funnel. 

Utilising influencers will also add validity to your brand/campaign as they spend time building trust with their audience, and this bond is very strong. Allowing influencers to have a degree of creative reign with the campaign will also help to gain the attention of new audiences as they know what content their specific audience likes. Influencers also allow for an added level of communication between your brand and consumer as they are seen more like a friend than a brand would be. Positive interactions with the influencers you work with and within the comment sections of their posts will continue to build recall as the consumer remembers the campaign and, therefore, your brand’s offerings. 

Other above-the-line techniques, such as programmatic and the use of a Digi van, will also gain the attention of your consumer. Whilst they may seem less impactful alone at driving conversions, they are excellent at raising awareness and can be used with specific targeting in mind to trigger a positive brand response from the consumer. This, combined with valuable content and easy usability, will ensure your brand is their number one choice.  

What do I need to do?  

Content should be led by the solutions to customer problems rather than your product, as the market is saturated. This content will motivate clients to choose you over other providers. Valuable content combined with a multichannel campaign is sure to increase not only brand recall but also loyalty. As loyalty continues because your brand purpose is clear, you will find that your consumers will share their positive experiences via word of mouth, and your audience pool will continue to rise. 

To attract audiences within the financial sector, you must make the change and focus on your target audience’s needs and characteristics to ensure your efforts are rewarded. For further assistance, why not give us a call? One of our friendly advisors can walk you through the process and help your brand attract new audiences!