6 Top Marketing Strategies to Attract Students Throughout the Year

31st July 2023

Connecting with students year-round is essential for your business’s long-term success as a brand. Considering the changing demands, tastes, and purchasing power of students, they represent a significant demographic. By interacting with students all year long, businesses can not only create a strong brand presence but also foster customer loyalty that may last well after the students’ academic careers. In this blog article, we will examine successful tactics and practical advice for building genuine relationships with students while fostering brand loyalty and advocacy.

How to market to students throughout the year

1. Understand Your Audience

To effectively engage with students, it is essential to understand their mindset, aspirations, and challenges. Conduct market research, analyse trends, and gather insights to develop a comprehensive understanding of your target student audience. Also, explore their interests, communication preferences, online behaviours, and social causes they resonate with. This knowledge will enable you to tailor your marketing efforts to align with their values and aspirations.

To gain a thorough grasp of their market needs and wants, it is important to conduct market research, examine trends, and acquire insights about this generation of individuals, often referred to as Generation Z. Check their preferences for communication, online behaviours, and social causes that they identify with. With this information, you can adjust your marketing strategies to resonate with their goals and values.

2. Create Compelling Content

Research has shown that 64% of GenZ would look up a business before shopping or visiting in person. Understanding these insights allow brands and marketers to have a clear view of what students expect from the brand and know how to engage with them in a meaningful way. It is important to develop a content strategy that combines informative, entertaining, and interactive elements. Consider creating blog articles, videos, podcasts, and social media posts that provide value, entertain, and inspire students. Also, ensure your content fits their interests and addresses their pain points, offering practical solutions and insights. 

3. Leverage Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are powerful tools for engaging with students throughout the year, with 97% of them using social media as their top source of shopping inspiration. Establish a strong presence on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat, which are popular among students. Develop a consistent posting schedule and share content that sparks conversations and encourages user-generated content.

4. Collaborate with Student Influencers

Influencer marketing is highly effective when targeting students. Collaborate with student influencers who have a genuine connection with your brand and a significant following among your target audience. These influencers can help amplify your message and product offerings while their authentic content resonates with students on a personal level both while in school term and outside school term. Seek opportunities to co-create content, run giveaways, or host live events featuring these influencers to foster trust and build brand affinity among the students.

5. Support Student Causes and Events

Aligning your brand with student causes and events demonstrates your commitment to their values and aspirations. Support initiatives that attract students, such as education, entertainment, charities, etc. Sponsor or participate in freshers’ fairs, workshops, and conferences. By actively engaging in these activities, you position your brand as a socially responsible entity and generate positive feedback among students.

6. Connect on Campus through Brand Ambassadors

Creating a physical presence on campuses can have a significant impact on student engagement. Establish partnerships with student organizations, clubs, or university events. Set up booths, organize product demonstrations, or sponsor student-led initiatives where your product or services can be shown to students through brand ambassadors. Doing this would allow you to get instant feedback about your product or services and build a deeper relationship with students who interact with your brand.  

Engaging with students throughout the year is an ongoing process that requires understanding, creativity, and adaptability by brands. By investing time and resources into building meaningful connections, brands can create a loyal customer base that extends beyond students’ academic years. If you’re looking to work with a marketing agency that can help you engage with students during and outside school term, then you should reach out to our team of experts by clicking here. We are happy to help you engage the students in your area of choice.