Why and how to reach out to students?

25th September 2018

With the new academic year in a full swing – this is a great chance to target students with your marketing campaigns, but this doesn’t only mean when they come together at fresher or re-freshers fairs. By utilising students as a target market that are already clearly outlined, brands can create campaigns that will engage students all year round. Shanice Walker, a recent graduate from Bournemouth University explains more. 

Why Reach Out To Students?

A study by Universities UK highlights just how much students build our economy with International students alone being worth £25 billion to UK economy as of 2017. With international students only being a fraction of the group you can only imagine the total sum.

A recent study by The Student Room highlighted that 31% of students had £100-£300 disposable income per month in 2018, so despite students being known for living on a budget they always find a way to budget for the things they like not always the necessities.

Food, socialising and clothing being ranked as the top 3 things student choose to spend their money on, making it clear that students work their budget so they do not miss out on the things they enjoy.

How To Reach Out To Students?

Their interests do not change. All students are engaged by discounts and freebies so why not use this! As a recent graduate, I always attracted to try new things if it was for free, simply because why not ?! Any time freebies were handed out on campus it would be all over Snapchat and social media so everyone soon knew, the fact its free or discounted creates a buzz amongst student which will means news of your campaign will spread fast.

If students can try a product for free without the risk of wasting their money they are more likely to try it and if they like it then they are likely to want more! This is where positive brand association is key if they have enjoyed what you have given them they will be leaving happy remembering your brand for this reason. By creating an opening to try something for free people are more likely to get involved you just need to ensure their experience is good to make sure they want more.

The same also goes for those offering student discounts, if you give students a reason to choose you over your competition they are more likely to try it, many often led by the whether the company gives discounts to students. With approaches such as student discounts and freebies already proven to be such a success when reaching out to students why not let us help you, just contact us with the brief so we can get started on your campaign.

Story written by Shanice Walker, Account Support Executive at GottaBe!