Who are GottaBe!’s, brand ambassadors?

3rd May 2022

GottaBe! has a pool of over 4,500 brand ambassadors spread across the UK. But who are they, and why do they choose to be a brand ambassador? Within this blog, we will look at the different brand ambassadors we have on our books and explain what makes them such valuable members of the team. We will also share GottaBe!’s booking process and discuss how we select the right BA for your brand. 

What is a brand ambassador?

Brand ambassadors are, just as the name suggests, ambassadors for your brand, this can be longer-term affiliations or short-term extensions of your team. Campaigns can run from as little as a day to months, so finding the right ambassador for your brand is essential to a successful campaign. 

They become the face of your brand for the consumers engaged in each activation, so should have a good understanding of both brand and products and make consumers want to return to you. We often speak about the importance of creating positive brand experiences within face to face activations. Your staff are a massive part of this as a positive brand experience will build strong consumer relationships.

GottaBe! carefully pick the right brand ambassador for each campaign and ensure that they will positively and effectively engage consumers.

Who are GottaBe!’s BA’s? 

With such a large pool of talent, our brand ambassadors come from all walks of life and have many skills. However, there does seem to be a trend when we look at the individual makeup of the brand ambassadors we have on our books. 

Brand sluts

Yes, you did read that right! ‘Brand sluts’ is the industry word given to those that have chosen to be a Brand Ambassador full time. They are given this name as one day they could be working for Brand X and the next, Brand Y and so on.

Our Brand Sluts have years of experience across different activation types from sampling to on-street activities and events. 

Cabin crew 

Due to the nature of work, cabin crew have the time to take up small work that fits around their schedule. They are a valuable member of the BA team as they are professional, approachable and have excellent people skills. They understand the importance of branding because of the strict uniforms set when flying and are often multilingual.  


Students are another excellent option for brand ambassadors as they have lots of spare time and want to work around their studies. Their age is on their side and makes them relatable, approachable, and fun to talk to. As students are typically between 18-24, they are adaptable to their workload and often very up to date with the latest trends. 


Actors often have more than one occupation, especially when first starting. The flexibility of being a BA allows them to fund their career choice and not be tied into a 9-5. Typically, people who are actors are friendly and like to speak to others, even if this is in a performing manner, which is perfect for the role of a brand ambassador. To be a successful promoter, you must have excellent communication skills and be persuasive to consumers; these skills align with an actor. 

What makes a good brand ambassador?

GottaBe!’s brand ambassadors must be friendly, presentable, and professional as they are an extension of your team and, during the activation, become the face of your brand. The consumer must believe they are passionate and knowledgeable about your brand to be persuaded into buying. 

How GottaBe! choose the right BA for your brand?

Selecting the right talent for our brands starts long before receiving the enquiries. When the promoters apply to become part of our field team, we carefully go through their profiles to ensure every necessary piece of information has been shared. Starting with simple stuff like their name and size, through the languages they speak, skills, and experience right to the more technical things like bank details or eligibility to work in the UK. Having all the details from the beginning makes the selection and booking process (once we receive the brief) much quicker, allowing each campaign to run smoothly. 

Once we receive the brief from the client, we always like to study the client and the brand ourselves to get a good understanding of what they are looking for. We will also get all the information from the client regarding the BA’s requirements; however, understanding the brand ensures we can select the right brand ambassadors. When selecting the right brand ambassadors for a campaign, there are many checks done internally, and the campaign lead works closely with the booking team to ensure that both the BA’s and campaign are the right fit for one another. 

GottaBe! is one of only a few agencies across the UK with an internal Booking and Talent Team, this team allows us to build long-term, personal relationships with our Brand Ambassadors, ensuring that you have the perfect staff representing your brand.

Not all clients vet the brand ambassadors before the campaign as they trust our judgement, but we are happy to share the portfolios of each BA proposed.

For a BA to be right for the brand doesn’t mean only ticking the boxes in terms of language/skills etc. Most of the time, it is our job to make sure selected staff knows everything and anything possible about the brand, as knowledge is the key to any sale. We will provide each BA with a brief, so they have all the information they need to run a successful campaign. During the build-up to each campaign, we regularly check in with the brand ambassadors, ensuring every question has been answered and there is no confusion on the day of activation. 

Why are brand ambassadors a good option for your brand?

As mentioned above, brand ambassadors become an extension of your team and are the face of your brand during activation. A good brand ambassador can build connections with consumers that will last. According to the Temkin Group, customers with a positive brand experience are 77% more likely to refer your business or service to a friend. Therefore, choosing the right promoter for your brand is essential as a bad experience will leave your brand out as consumers head elsewhere.

To feel the benefits of an excellent brand ambassador, get in touch with the team. They can talk you through the process, listen to your needs and deliver a fun and engaging campaign that will get people talking! If you are looking to raise brand awareness and deepen the connections with consumers, look no further.