What Is Field Marketing?

15th March 2021

Within direct marketing to consumers, a traditional discipline is field marketing. This involves people distributing, selling or sampling promotions “out in the field”. It is historically seen as a one-way communication tool, used by a brand to promote their product in a chosen location, for a desired audience.

If you are trying to grab the attention of students for example, you would set your stand or offering up on a university campus – reaching the exact target audience and personally connecting with target consumers. This invaluable face-to-face interaction and ability to distribute promotional information effectively is a very important part of a brand’s sales and marketing strategy.

What Is A Field Marketing Strategy?

Field marketing is a strategy whereby a team of field marketers in support of your brand are deployed into a specific location, ensuring you gain the greatest possible presence and competitive advantage. Through directly liaising with retailers, shoppers and consumers at retail, point of sale, live events or a combination of digital and online, the increased of awareness in your brand and product could see a significant increase from this marketing activity alone.

Field Marketing Can Take Place In A Variety Of Ways:

  • Product sampling in-store or in a town centre i.e. food or alcohol samples.
  • Promotional leaflet handouts with offers and incentives i.e. a free eye test. Leafletting can be achieved outdoors, in-store or at a venue.
  • Handing out branded merchandise i.e. pens, notepads etc.
  • Lead generation i.e. following up a potential lead.
  • Data capture, allowing you to better understand your customers and enhance your relationship with them.

Field marketers drive brand awareness through on-site, face-to-face interaction with consumers. They are the liaison between the buyers and the sellers and provide valuable information about products and services to consumers. Their role is vital in making field marketing work!

Your Professional Field Marketing Agency

Here at GottaBe!, we are proud to say that we have over 13 years’ experience of working “out in the field”, with the capability to offer this service nationwide. So no matter where you are based or what your product is, we have a keen team ready and waiting to help drive your growth and move your company in the right direction!

Field marketing can be quite a broad term, however we use this to our benefit. The team at GottaBe! use field marketing services to assist brands in reaching new customers through providing an extension on their existing sales force. As marketers, we care about brand awareness among many other things, and whilst your sales colleagues care about sales, what we both have in common is customer acquisition. By utilising GottaBe! your brand can benefit from the help of our Brand Ambassadors who will get out there and represent your brand – raising brand awareness, driving sales and significantly increasing customer acquisition. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.