What Is A Brand Ambassador

3rd February 2021

Brand ambassadors come in many shapes and forms. For many people, the first thing to come to mind are famous brand ambassadors such as George Clooney for Nespresso or David Beckham for Haig Club. However, there is so much more to learn about brand ambassadors than the celebrity versions. We will answer the question: what is a brand ambassador while explaining the different types and outlining how you can use them to enhance your businesses marketing.

For many businesses, brand ambassadors can seem as if they are the preserve of large brands with a similarly large budget to secure a well-recognised person like an actor or sports personality to represent their brand. However, brand ambassadors/promotional staff are a much more accessible option that businesses of all sizes can draw on to extend their reach and promote their brand in a cost-effective way.

Brand Ambassador Definition

A brand ambassador is a person who is employed by company to represent their brand in a positive way. By representing their brand, they will then aim to increase brand awareness and ultimately their sales.

It is also worth considering the difference between a brand ambassador and a promoter, which we explored in another blog article.

Types Of Brand Ambassador

There are three main types of brand ambassador that are used by businesses to promote their brand:

  • Famous person/celebrity: often working as an overall brand ambassador for an entire brand. This type of brand ambassador is well recognised with a strong public profile
  • Drinks brand ambassador: common among alcohol brands including wines, spirits and beers. The ambassador will often only work with their favourite brands.
  • Field brand ambassador/promoter: a field brand ambassador represents a company from any industry or sector in the field, acting as an extension to their sales and marketing team.

The most well-known type of brand ambassador is undoubtedly the famous person/celebrity followed by the drinks ambassador with the field brand ambassador in ranked third. In this article, we are going to explore the role of the field brand ambassador in greater detail.

Field Brand Ambassador

Field brand ambassadors are the most accessible type of brand ambassador that can be used by any business operating in any sector. This is the type of ambassador that we specialise in and provide to most companies as a leading promotional staff agency.

A field brand ambassador will be working with your company for a while on a long-term project, which will be to represent your business in a professional way. They are often used to represent companies at exhibitions, trade shows and other events where your business requires a presence. Great brand ambassadors will undergo extensive training and be invested in so that they have excellent knowledge of a business’s products/services. During the training, each ambassador will become familiar with the history of the company and be equipped to answer questions posed to them by clients/customers. The training is often delivered by a professional promotional staff agency such as GottaBe! If your brand ambassadors have been well-trained, they will be able to truly act as an extension to your sales and marketing team in the field and deliver the best possible results for your brand.

Being a dedicated brand ambassador is more like a full-time role than a promoter role which tends to be more short-term and part-time. As they will be working on a long-term project in a more full-time role it is incredibly important that they like the brand and are invested in its success. For example, a brand ambassador for a fitness brand should be interested in fitness and ideally a fitness fanatic. Your brand ambassador will be dedicated to a handful of brands and will often have personally selected the brands that they are working with. This creates a great ambassador-brand fit that will improve their authenticity while also leading to great campaign results.

Ready To Hire Brand Ambassadors To Represent Your Business?

GottaBe! Marketing is a professional promotional staff agency with extensive expertise in hand picking the best people to represent your brand. We have an extensive roster of 4,500 brand ambassadors to choose from which includes people from various different backgrounds so we can match the right people with the right brands. Unlike other brand ambassador agencies, all our brand ambassadors are part of our own exclusive company database and are not from Facebook groups or other public databases.

Companies that work with us can rest assured that we not only have an extensive database, but also one that consists of high calibre brand ambassadors that we invest in and take the time to train. We take our clients on a journey to establish a highly effective group of brand ambassadors using a professional briefing document and a carefully planned training process that we have perfected following on from thousands of client campaigns.

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