The Power Of Field Marketing – Infographic

4th April 2015

You may or may not have already seen, but we have been posting a number infographics about Field Marketing on our Facebook page and now for the first time, you can see them in full!

Broken down into sections, the infographics have served one purpose and that is to inform you and our clients about the benefits of Field Marketing and the processes taken to guarantee the best possible exposure. They also showcase the different forms of Field Marketing and why it may be beneficial to use one form over another.

Marketing is an art and we believe we have perfected it, which is why we have used the Infographics to explain the benefits through simple statistics, graphs, tables and text bubbles and how Field Marketing can profit any brand, product and service.

Included in the Infographics is information about leafleting, product sampling, merchandising, and product demonstrations, so make sure you take a proper look now and start learning how you can re-shape your marketing for 2015.

The Power Of Field Marketing – Infographic
Infographics_ Field & Experiential Marketing_Part1

Written and created by Sam Lovell, Client Service Manager, GottaBe!