Stand out from the crowd – invest in interactive POS

15th February 2018


In a world where technology is ever growing, it is important for small and medium-sized enterprises, to keep their marketing ideas fresh and updated to avoid missing out as free standing display units aren’t cutting it anymore.


Point of Sale is a concept that we’re all familiar with for communicating promotions: stickers, posters, tent cards, ceiling hangers, and so the list goes on. But interactive point of sale offers a far greater range of opportunities to enhance the in-store shopping experience. The best business to currently take inspiration from is John Lewis who turned their Christmas advert into an interactive event. Their Christmas ads have become a very much anticipated highlight of the festive season and this year, they’ve gone the extra mile with a snoring and farting window at their huge store on Oxford Street. Alongside this, they also created a house for Moz the Monster and the fourth floor where everyone could visit.


This idea of interactive Point of Sale is to nudge people to remember a shop and want to return so that they can experience something exciting again. Another basic example of an interactive experience is touch screen kiosks or tablets, which allows customers to discover more information about products. A good example of this is Ikea, who provides customers with the opportunity to design their own shelving unit and see how it might look. Once they know how it will potentially look in their home, there is more incentive to purchase.


Social media marketing is another form of Interactive Point of Sale as so many people use it. Companies such as Domino’s use social media apps such as Twitter to promote themselves in an interactive way. In 2015, they created their tweet-to-eat campaign where users can order their pizza through Twitter’s direct messaging tab. Other users will see that the people they are following are able to do this and it provokes a chain reaction.


Interactive Point of Sale solutions also have the advantage of being reusable across multiple promotions. Although the initial outlay is greater, over time the ROI should be greater. So if someone is thinking about Point of Sale, it’s worth investigating the interactive options as well as the traditional printed options, as they may just give your store or promotion the boost it needs.

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Story written by Shannon Dunne, Account Support Executive at GottaBe!