The importance of getting products into consumer’s hands

28th April 2017

We live in the day and age where we can buy any product/service online. So why are we in business? The reason being is that we as consumers enjoy getting our hands on the products and learning more about them before making the decision on whether to buy them.

How often have you spent money on something over £100 that you haven’t either looked at or read a number of reviews on?

Getting Products Into Peoples Hands

We, at GottaBe!, love getting out and about showing off our clients’ products and services. We feel it is important to get the products in peoples hands and actually show them how good the product or service is. We train all our staff on the client’s products/service, so that they feel part of the client and then unleash them at events to show the consumer their product/service.

Showcasing Products & Services With Product Sampling

We as an agency feel it’s important to showcase the products and services. We know from our experience that us as consumers are more likely to buy the products they have physically seen and played with. We not only show them the products/services on offer but create an experience which we hope they don’t forget in a hurry; in turn it gives the brand recognition and hopefully the aim is that the customer/consumer is likely to buy the product/service on offer.

Product Sampling With GottaBe!

So next time you’re walking around town and notice a pop up stall with friendly and professional staff, think GottaBe! or if you’re interested in our services feel free to give us a call us and drop us an email to see how we can help promote your product or service.