How To Supervise Brand Ambassadors In The Field

31st July 2015

It doesn’t matter how big or how small a team of Brand Ambassadors are in the field – supervising them should be easy!

How To Supervise Brand Ambassadors

Clever supervision starts before the campaign even begins, right at the selection process. Making sure we have the best people on our books ensures we have the strongest teams out in the field. At GottaBe! our Bookings & Talent Team hold Skype interviews and run talent days, these are fantastic ways to judge a persons character and to see how they will represent our clients.

Briefing Our Brand Ambassadors

Once we have an assembled team, the next phase is to send out briefing documents. These need to be thorough, covering all angles of the activity. We will liaise with our clients to make sure the correct messages are being actioned and our Brand Ambassadors know exactly what is expected of them.

The day before the activity begins, our Booking & Talent Team will give each Brand Ambassador a quick call to make sure they have understood the brief and to answer any questions they may have.

Brand Ambassadors In The Field

Now the hard work has been finalised, the activity is ready to get under way. Depending on the size of the activity and how many Brand Ambassadors we have in any one place, will determine the level of supervision needed in the field.

If there are only 1 or 2 Brand Ambassadors, trust plays a key part in supervising them. Getting them to clock-in, send reports and take pictures is imperative in confirming their attendance. We also give them the contact details of a dedicated Account Manager in the office; this is the person overseeing the campaign and is the go to person for both the client and the BA, if problems arise.

If GottaBe! has a much larger team in the field, the supervision process changes, the need for an Event Manager amongst the Brand Ambassadors creates a figurehead. This person is the decision maker, someone with experience who can think on the spot if issues occur. They also need to be good at managing people, passing direction to make sure the activity is achieving its maximum potential and they are getting the best out of each individual.

The Logistics Of A Campaign

Amongst the supervision process we also need to factor in the logistics of materials being used, products being sampled, clothing being worn, where it is all being delivered and who is collecting them. Without these materials, we have no campaign!

As long as these key principles are being followed, supervising Brand Ambassadors in the field should be simple. Sometime we may also carry out mystery shops to keep them on their toes and to make sure they are doing what is expected as well.

Written by Sam Lovell, Client Service Manager, GottaBe!