GottaBe! top 10 locations for F2F this summer

Summer 2022 will be a popular time for marketers to reach audiences face-to-face after the last 2 years of COVID restrictions. London has many ideal locations for marketers to engage the busy audiences as life finally returns in full swing with the many large in-person festivals and events this summer. To celebrate the return of face-to-face activations, GottaBe! has rounded up our top 10 locations for F2F activations this Summer in London!

Why choose face to face?

Due to the restrictions, face-to-face marketing activations were put to one side during the COVID-19 pandemic. But since they have been fully lifted, brands can be secure in their planning that summer 2022 will allow them to engage with their target audiences after all this time. 

Face-to-face interaction with a new or existing consumer allows your brand to stand out, allowing your brand to make memories with your audience that will hopefully last a lifetime. The more interactive and engaging your face-to-face interactions are, the better! As consumers like to share their lives over social media, your F2F activations must be social-media worthy. This expands the reach to those who were not there and could not make it whilst allowing them to make an emotional connection. 

GottaBe!’s top 10 locations for F2F this summer in London

Hampstead heath 

As one of London’s busiest parks, the Heath benefits from large crowds picnicking, walking, and swimming within the grounds. A well planned and positioned face to face activation would be a success in the busy summer sunshine. 

The ponds within the grounds are just one of the many different aspects that attract large audiences of Londoners to the park each year. Whether you wish to target consumers as they head into the park, on the busy high streets that surround it or within, there are plenty of spots to engage audiences. 

Covent garden 

A popular location for marketers and brands throughout the year. Covent Garden is an excellent choice for brands big and small looking to engage audiences as the popular site is close to bars, restaurants, and the city’s most prominent theatres. Covent Garden often has large marketing activations running for weeks and has seen some of the most effective and engaging campaigns over the last couple of years. You can see what is coming up at Covent Garden by checking their site and social media channels. 

Before applying to hold any face-to-face activations in the area, you must ensure it is suitable to be approved. The Westminster council application has guidelines to help you: “Events in Covent Garden should complement the cultural and historical setting, the area’s brand, the vehicle free setting and the need for circulation of the large numbers of people who visit the piazzas.”


In the heart of Shoreditch, Box Park is an excellent place to run experiential marketing campaigns and engage consumers face-to-face. As well as the busy Shoreditch location, there are a further two Box Park locations in Croydon and Wembley. The venues offer a versatile space for pop-up events, marketing, sampling, and brand activations, and due to its locations, the site sees a diverse audience. Gym Shark recently partnered up with Box Park to run FIGHT CLUB. The early morning exercise class quickly sold out and the event was a success with a wide audience. 

The location sees large crowds gather for screenings of sports events, and you can often see some famous faces; getting in on those moments will see a high level of footfall from the established venue. Your brand could be one of the many that run successful pop-up stores at Box Park to raise brand awareness in a diverse area. 

Carnaby street 

Another popular spot amongst tourists and Londoners is the famous Carnaby Street. Face-to-face activations are frequently run here, with many flagship stores opening for a set period. Whilst most activations held in this spot are held by larger brands, there is definitely room for smaller brands to utilise the footfall from the popular location. 

South bank 

If you have the budget, activations at London’s famous South Bank could be an excellent option for your brand. The bank sees high footfall levels throughout the year, which increase during the summer months with an average footfall of over 71,000 per day. 

Big brands such as Aperol, Adidas and Virgin are just some of the names to have run successful campaigns on London’s South Bank. The Mayor of London’s Spring into London campaign encourages visitors back into the city, and South Bank is one of the main locations within the campaign, which will offer tourists a central location to look out for. You are guaranteed footfall for your activation with iconic views at London’s South Bank. 

Train stations

London is one of the largest transport links in the UK, and with large train stations linking the country together, such as Kings Cross or London Victoria, a face-to-face activation is set to gain attention from passers-by. The underground, which connects the city, handles up to 5 million passengers a day. Hence, your brand has the opportunity to engage a large number of commuters as they move around London. 

Play Station, B&Q and Pure Gym are just some of the many names to have run face-to-face activations inside and outside London’s busy train stations.  

Paddington central 

Just a minute’s walk from the busy London Paddington station, Paddington central is a great place to engage audiences this summer. From the Canalside, Kingdom street and Sheldon Square, the perfect location for your brand lies within. Paddington Central prides itself on the ability to surprise, empower and connect brands and audiences alike. 

The different locations have held an array of experiences and popups, Coca Cola, Kiehl’s and Google are just some of the brands to utilise this space. Not only does Paddington Central benefit from the footfall coming out of Paddington station, but the busy bars, restaurants, and offices will mean your brand will see high levels of engagement when gaining the attention of the public.  


Within central London, Broadgate is a cultural hub and one of the largest pedestrianised neighbourhoods in central London. Twenty-eight thousand workers and residents swarm the campus every day for work, pleasure and comfort. If you want to get noticed, this is where to do so. 

The shopping centre sits on London’s busy Liverpool Street, so footfall is guaranteed in the area. Within the cultural hub, there are 5 activation spots available. Your brand could run a popup shop, experiential sampling activation or a PR stunt within the grounds. 

Somerset house 

In 2019 they released an outdoor activation space for brands to build face to face engagement at Somerset House. Somerset House is the perfect location for face-to-face activations this summer, with proximity to Waterloo Bridge, linking the Southbank to central London and Covent Garden. 

From Bacardi to Tiffany and Co, brands utilise the famous location to engage consumers in face-to-face activations. 


Both Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City are the perfect locations for F2F activations this summer. As shoppers head to the shops to buy the season’s latest trends. Due to the size of the shopping centres, there is a wide range of shops targeting multiple audiences and GottaBe! can help you engage these audiences with pop-ups and experiential activations. 

There are many opportunities within Westfield all year round as the locations hold a range of shops, restaurants and entertainment. Some of the largest brands have run experiential activations in the centres over the years due to the large open spaces and high footfall. 

Other things to look out for this summer 

While the location is critical, aligning your marketing strategy with a significant event can see a high return on investment as crowds walk directly into your path. Throughout the summer, many events are happening in London. To give you an idea, here are some of the busiest occasions your brand should consider:

Platinum jubilee

One of the most significant events of the year, 2022, marks 70 years since Queen Elizabeth II took the throne. Her Majesty will become the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, and celebrations will be held up and down the country with a long bank holiday weekend from the 2-5th June. Residents can apply for a licence to throw street parties, with the largest joining two counties. London will be full of people as the official Trooping the colours and Platinum Jubilee Pageant is held at Buckingham Palace. Many events can be linked to the Jubilee, in which your brand could get involved.  

Women’s Euro 2022

Wembley will hold the Women’s Euro 2022 final on the 31st of July. Whilst not as popular as the men’s Euro final, over 87 thousand fans are set to attend the game, a record for attendance at a women’s football match in England!

London craft beer festival tobacco docks 

If your brand fits within this category, we suggest checking out the availability to promote your brand this summer. In 2021 they estimated £4.5 million worth of trade business by their partners. By engaging audiences at a festival or event, you gain an established audience who will share your products or service on social media and expand your reach to increase brand awareness. 

Other events happening in London summer 2022…

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