Secret Santa – what to buy this year?

28th November 2018

It’s that time of year again and if the names haven’t already been picked out of the hat then you know it’s coming. Don’t worry, from one sock buyer to the other, Jake Tansley, Account Support Executive is here to help. This is his 2018 office gift list, for sub £10.

Our Secret Santa Office Christmas Gift List

1) Personalised Pen

This is perfect for the person who stocks their desk with promotional pens that they have picked up at various work events. The great thing about a personalised pen is that it can perfectly suit anyone’s style.

2) Hangover Kit

You know exactly who you need to give this present too! The one person who pops into your head will be thanking you next time they get to work after a late one. An travel-sized kit can fit discretely into a work desk so the boss never needs to know.

3) Back massager

When the office chair is becoming uncomfy, the one thing that can get you through the day is a massage. The big issue is: no one wants you to strip down and get the oils out on your lunch break. The simple solution is a clip on heated massager to soothe the stress of the 9 to 5. Sound good? Why not buy it for a friend?

4) Hot Chocolate bombs

If I haven’t caught your attention already, imagine a big ball of chocolate dropping into a mug of warm milk and the melting chocolate releasing marshmallows that float to the top. This is the perfect office gift for a chocolate lover as it means they don’t worry about the faff of big tubs of powder and bags of marshmallows into work yet they get to enjoy the final hours of a Friday evening in luxury.

5) USB Coffee warmer

The perfect addition to the hot chocolate bombs, if you are feeling generous. This Coffee warmer is the best gift for the colleague who you always catch pouring their cold coffee down the sink.

Story written by Jake Tansley, Account Support Executive at GottaBe!