How to get the most when working with promotional staff

1st September 2022

For most live events, it’s necessary to have some brand ambassadors/promoters there working. Brand ambassadors are a sincere, authentic, and credible way of marketing your brand. Nowadays, traditional advertising tactics have lost their reach as consumers are overwhelmed and unable to make a decision. With the rise of Gen Z into adulthood, a different marketing method has to happen. They look to influencers and ambassadors regarding products they want to buy. Within this blog, we will discuss how a brand ambassador or promoter can help your campaign, what are some training tips, and how to use feedback from a promoter. 

How a brand ambassador or promoter can help your campaign

A brand ambassador promotes your brand, including boosting your product, service, or event. They can be anyone from a celebrity to your next-door neighbour. The events landscape is ever-changing, which makes it an exciting field for those who wish to promote brands. Nowadays, though, it’s another area where as marketers, we can track data on how the campaigns are going. With campaigns now, promoters aren’t just handing out leaflets; they are involved with engaging crowds in exciting, interactive activations. 

Promotional staff is becoming a proven track for those seeking to build an event marketing career. This is partly because of the rise in more experiential marketing, which gathers leads from potential consumers while providing them with a unique and memorable experience. To learn more about experiential marketing, check out our blog Cracking The Code Behind Experiential Marketing

‘Your promotional staff, or brand ambassadors, should represent a personification of your brand and are often the first point of contact for many consumers. It is therefore vitally important that you not only choose the right people but also ensure they are connected to the product they are promoting and are singing from the same song sheet in terms of your brand values and key messages,’ according to promotional staff training tips

At GottaBe! we have a roster of over 4,500 promotional staff across the UK and Ireland, which is still growing. For events you are hosting, our promotional staff will be able to fill gaps in your team. As the promoters are the face of your brand, we ensure that our staff are professional, presentable, and work hard to deliver your campaign. It all starts with ensuring the promoters have the training to deliver your campaign successfully to the target audience. 

Training tips

It is essential that when you start putting these dates together for your promo staff, you don’t just send a brief over to them. Having well-briefed and knowledgeable promotional staff can determine whether or not your activation will be successful. Booking the team is just the first step! Depending on the size of your promoter database, it is best to try and pick promoters who embody the values and can achieve the campaign’s outcome. At  GottaBe! we take the stress away from your campaign by going through our database and finding the best promoters; however, if we don’t have anyone in our team that would be right for the activation, then we reach out to recruit a suitable promoter to fill your role. 

The promotional staff for your event needs to be able to engage the target audience; to do that; you need to share your brand’s story. This will allow the promotional team to share your brand’s story with customers to build a connection. Make sure as you share your brief that you include a section detailing your brand’s history that will give the promoters an understanding of your company to fully communicate with consumers the difference between your company and competitors. 

Make sure the team knows of targets they are expected to meet, which will help keep the staff engaged with a purpose. The team needs to know what background details, such as reporting forms, feedback, data, and photographs, are required. Most of our promoters are working on campaigns for several different brands each month; therefore, it is imperative that you make sure your briefs are clear and direct. ‘Why not provide them with a one-page cheat sheet which they can take to the event to refresh their memory if they need to,’  promotional staff training tips recommends. This helps provide the necessary information in a clear and concise format. 

It might be beneficial to have the promoters be aware of your company’s social media policies and confidentiality requirements for each campaign. While social media is an excellent tool to spread your brand awareness, it might be wise to let them know what can be shared. 

We must remember that these campaigns and training sessions should be fun as we build these campaigns. This is a competitive industry both from a business perspective and for staff. If you have worked with the promotional team before, you know that some are more dynamic than others. At GottaBe! we have built relationships with our promoters which helps us understand how to get each promoter to be passionate and successful for your campaign. 

It is a good idea that if you have an activation, you run through it with the promoters about how to do the activity and set up and break down the activity. Ensure that the promoters gather good feedback regarding your brand’s competitors, what is said about your brand, and your brand’s awareness level. 

Feedback you receive

As your campaign is happening, at the end of each shift, it is essential to have the promoters send feedback to the agency. As you plan your activation, consider what type of feedback you are looking for. 

Are you having your promoters share details on the latest offer? The feedback you might want for this campaign is how many people were aware of this promotion, what they think about the offer, or how this offer could be improved.

Suppose you are running a campaign to collect details to generate leads for the sales team to follow up.  Then you might want feedback on what offers they are interested in. 

At GottaBe! Marketing, with our growing database of promoters around the country with whom we work regularly, we can deliver campaigns that meet your brand’s needs. We have also set up a referral program, which allows our promoters to recruit others they think are well suited for the role. To learn more about our promoters and working with them on your next campaign, contact us at