F2F activations in the Festive period

There are many opportunities in the festive period for your brand to reach a target audience. Face to face marketing was restricted during the Covid – 19 pandemic, with restrictions limiting brands; only essential shops and businesses were able to physically open. But now restrictions are fully lifted we can deliver face to face campaigns to display your products and services to your customers. Read further as we discuss face to face activations in the festive period.

What is f2f

Face-to-face marketing or F2F as its commonly known, directly markets to potential customers through in-person communication. It creates meaningful brand experiences. These experiences can create a positive emotion towards the brand with which the consumer connects. This can be highly effective in industries where there is a high level of competition. It also helps the consumer when choosing a product for that brand to be at the front of their mind. Face to face marketing can be seen at events, product demos, in-store visits, or wherever you chose to reach your audience in person! 

Why use f2f in your marketing 

Face-to-face marketing stimulates positive word of mouth and helps your brand to stand out from competitors. This is a must in the festive period as everyone is competing for the top spot. Before running a F2F campaign your brand should be very clear on the purpose of the activation. For example, are you looking to make sales at a popup, get customers to sign up, or raise brand awareness? 

To make the most of face-to-face activations this festive period your brand should consider combining your f2f activations with a digital or traditional marketing campaign. Using brand ambassadors to bring your marketing campaigns to life. Consumers are swarmed with marketing materials so by reaching your audience directly your brand is more likely to stand out. By extending your marketing materials from consumers phones and TV’s you are reaching not only a wider audience but creating familiarity which adds to the level of trust. 

Key dates in the festive period:


Black Friday 

Cyber Monday

Christmas Markets

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day 

Boxing Day Sales

Use the hype of holidays that lead up to Christmas to engage and build new and existing customer loyalty. Face to face activations will build brand awareness and will capture new and existing customers. F2F activations in the lead-up to the festive period will help you to understand consumer behaviours and find a way to stand out from the crowd. When your brand looks to create festive-themed face to face interactions you have already built a relationship with the high street.

There are many different opportunities to build brand awareness in the lead-up to Christmas. Engaging your audience and standing out from the crowd is the first step of many to making sales this period. Being consistent with your brand message and reaching out to consumers will help to build a relationship that will hopefully last past the festive period. Your face-to-face activations should provide an experience for the senses to effectively attract customers. ‘This will pull people in during 2021 because consumers were starved of this “sensory experience” last year, Springboard marketing and insights director Diane Wehrle adds.’

Chat with one of GottaBe! experts today to ensure your campaigns reach your audience this Christmas. Speaking to an agency may provide fresh ideas as you may not have thought of. Christmas is fast approaching so start thinking about your festive campaign NOW! For more information read our whitepaper on face-to-face activations in the festive period to get a deeper insight into activations this Christmas.