5 Examples of Brand Engagement at Music Festivals: Ideas to Steal for Your Next Campaign

The UK festival scene is a melting pot of music, culture, and creativity. From Glastonbury to Latitude, festivals provide a unique opportunity for brands to engage with a highly engaged audience.

At GottaBe! Marketing, we’ve seen firsthand how experiential marketing at these events can drive brand loyalty and awareness. Here are five examples of brand engagement at music festivals that you can ‘borrow’ for your next campaign.

1. Interactive Photo Booths

One of the most effective ways to engage festival-goers is through interactive photo booths. These aren’t just any photo booths; they’re immersive experiences. Your brand could set up a photo booth at an event, allowing attendees to take fun, branded photos with various props and backgrounds. Want to take it a step further? You can create a photobooth that allows the photos to be instantly uploaded to social media with a festival-specific hashtag, increasing online engagement and brand visibility.

Insight: Make sure your photo booth is more than just a place to snap pictures. Incorporate elements that resonate with the festival’s vibe and encourage social sharing. Provide props that are fun and aligned with your brand’s message.

2. Branded Chill-Out Zones

Festivals can be exhausting, and attendees often look for a place to relax and recharge. This is where branded chill-out zones come in. You can see an example of how we created this via our sister brand GottaBe! Ethnic for Ding at the World Halal Food Festival 2023.

Insight: Think about the needs of festival-goers and how your brand can meet them. Creating a comfortable, branded environment can leave a lasting positive impression and encourage longer interactions with your brand.

3. Exclusive Experiences

Offering exclusive experiences can create buzz and draw people to your brand.

At Coachella 2024, American Express created the ultimate experience. They provided a beautiful space for festival-goers to chill out, shop, and get their photos taken. They also teamed up with Gen Z sensation Reneé Rapp, who brought the infamous TikTok ‘delulu’ trend to life in a one-of-a-kind manifestation room! Visitors got their fortune read by Rapp herself, with exclusive merch mystery boxes for Amex card members. Find out more by clicking this link!

Insight: Leverage the power of exclusivity. Create an experience that feels special and invite-only, making attendees feel like they’re part of something unique and memorable.

4. Interactive Product Sampling

Product sampling is a festival staple, but taking it a step further can make it truly memorable. Allowing attendees to interact with your product in a personalised and engaging way will make the sampling process an event in itself.

5. Festival-Themed Merchandise

Festival-themed merchandise can turn attendees into walking advertisements for your brand! 

Insight: Limited-edition items catering to festival attendees’ specific needs can drive sales and increase brand visibility throughout the event.

The UK Festival Scene: A Prime Opportunity for Brand Engagement

The UK festival scene is diverse, ranging from massive events like Glastonbury’s eclectic mix of music and arts to niche festivals like Green Man, which focuses on folk music and sustainability. Each festival offers unique opportunities for brand engagement, but the common thread is the highly engaged and passionate audience.

By understanding each festival’s specific ‘vibe’ and audience, brands can tailor their engagement strategies to maximise impact. Whether through interactive experiences, exclusive events, or practical merchandise, the goal is to create memorable interactions that resonate with festival-goers long after the music stops.

At GottaBe! Marketing, we specialise in creating these unforgettable experiences. Contact us to learn how we can help your brand make a splash at the next big festival.

Ready to elevate your brand’s presence at festivals this year? Reach out to us and let’s create something extraordinary together!