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Solent University

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Client nameSolent University
Southampton Solent University is one of two Universities in Southampton and has over 20,000 students and is ranked in the UK’s Top 100 Universities in the Guardian 2021. It has a number of campuses stretched across the city of Southampton and strives to work with local businesses and professional bodies in the area.
DateWinter 2013
Case studyYou Can Do It Too

The objective of our campaign with Solent University was to help them capture data and register third year students on to job portals and placement schemes linked to the university.


To deliver this campaign we provided Solent University with promotional staff armed with iPads and other data capturing tools. Our promotional staff then engaged with students to get them to sign up to portals and placements schemes to help further their education. As part of the campaign, we had to draw student in to talk and engage with our Brand Ambassadors and what better way to do that than with some merchandise. This time we used doughnuts!

We worked with Solent to help educate our own Brand Ambassadors about the scheme so they could confidently promote to third year students and support the campaign to the best of their ability. All our Ambassadors love to get involved in their work and are always happy to learn.

We carefully selected our Brand Ambassadors to match the age of our target audience, the purpose of this is draw much better engagement from our audience.


Throughout the 6-day campaign we sampled over 1,000 doughnuts with students and achieved an amazing 74% conversion ratio for sign-ups. Thus helping many students further their education alongside Solent University.


  • Promotional Staffing – Brand Ambassadors
  • Face2Face Engagement
  • Print
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