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Promega is a leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to the life sciences. They are also a core supplier in the fight against COVID-19, serving research, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics labs developing testing kits, and reaching treatment options. Promega UK is based in its very own eco-friendly and self-sufficient office in Southampton.
DateOctober 2020 - Present
Case study

The objective of our work with Promega is to increase the awareness of the brand and its products through part-time Student ambassadors. Using the Ambassadors to build strong relationships with the Universities and Ph.D. students. The position as Student Brand ambassador also connects academia and industry.


To be able to recruit the Student Ambassadors to raise awareness of the Promega brand we had to think about the criteria. Working closely with Promega we searched Facebook Ph.D. groups, used PPC techniques, and contacted Universities directly through their student unions. This was further supported by paid job adverts on platforms such as Indeed.

Throughout our recruitment campaign, we looked to recruit scientists in their second or third year at university doing a Ph.D. at either Aberdeen or Manchester University. To be eligible to become student ambassadors they must also have access to a lab environment. The role looks to spend 4 months at a given time to promote Promega products to fellow students in the laboratory setting.


Our campaigns with Promega have been very successful at the Universities of Aberdeen and Manchester. Promega would like to continue our support and wish to expand the scheme across 5 more University campuses. We are currently in talks with many of the leading universities across the UK to secure them.

As well as the expansion of the campuses, we will be working with Promega to support a 2-day workshop planned in the near future to raise further awareness of the brand in the beautiful Southampton office.


  • Social media
  • Recruitment
  • Student ambassadors
In 2019, we started a search to consider a partner to support an intended student outreach programme. We knew what we wanted to achieve but we were unsure how to go about it. We spoke to three experiential agencies including Gottabe! Marketing. Of the three we interviewed, it was only Gottabe! who could understand our vision and how it would work in the university environment. They understood the mechanics of what we needed to do and were able to support the logistics of the programme – taking a lot of administrative strain from my team as well as ‘adding value’ to the search process. We have now run two programmes with John and the team, and are planning the next academic year programme – extending the number of ambassadors we have in the field. The support they give us is vital to the success we have achieved over the last two years and how we hope to expand in the coming months and years.
Ann Brine - Head of Marketing Services Promega UK
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