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Ola Cabs is an on-demand taxi service, operating via mobile application. Ola was founded in India in 2010 and is now the world’s 3rd largest ride-hailing app with around 2 million driver partners. The company has recently decided to launch their offering in the United Kingdom with drivers available in London, the South East, Merseyside, the West Midlands and more. Since their launch at the beginning of 2021 Ola has completed over 6 million successful rides in the UK.

Our work with Ola Cabs in ongoing, as the COVID-19 restrictions lifting and changing more of the public are looking to use Taxis to get around. To keep the drivers and the public safe Ola Cabs asked us to supply them with the necessary PPE to conform to the government guidelines.


We continue to support Ola cabs across the UK, in this incidence we were set the task of delivering PPE to adhere to the Covid-19 guidelines.

In order to keep the drivers safe and enable them to work with the general public we had to Source PPE for Ola Cabs before packaging it up and delivering it to their drivers. We spent time to research the best forms of PPE protection for the drivers to use in their cabs that were reliable and effective.


The partnership we have with Ola Cabs is ongoing. We aim to continue to deliver our services and are looking forward to our next partnership with them.


PPE Sourcing and delivery.

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